Buy a CD To date Buskaid has recorded 4 CDs, with a fifth, Crazy due for release later this year (2007). The first, A Sowetan Kid's Christmas, was recorded eighteen months after the Project's inception. The vibrant second album, Soweto Dance, recorded under the direction of Rosemary Nalden, is a very special contribution to South Africa's rich and diverse musical culture and highlights the extraordinary talent there is to be found in South Africa. The irrepressible spirit, found on our third CD 
Tshwaranang, is expressed by one of our members Jackey Masekela When Africans are happy; they sing. When they are sad; they also sing. Our Buskaid Live! (double album) is the album Buskaid fans worldwide have been waiting for - a compilation of extraordinary live international performances by the Soweto-based Buskaid Ensemble between 2001 and June 2005.
As Buskaid is an educational organisation, the CDs it produces demonstrate very clearly the development of the Ensemble from year to year. It is fascinating to hear the difference between those recordings made in 1998 and 2000 and those of the later live performances.


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Crazy, which certainly marks a  shift from the style of previous Buskaid recordings is finally  available! This compilation of Timothy Kraemerís brilliant and original string  arrangements of favourite classic pops including Mamma Mia, Sweet Dreams and many others, also includes several witty  arrangements by Bill Thorp, of Broadway hits such as Letís Do It and Makiní  Whoopee. Three of the ensembleís musicians also feature as vocal soloists  in such favourites as Georgia, Fever, Son of a Preacherman and Bridge over Troubled Water . The fresh and  energetic sounds of this wonderful group of  musicians are complemented by stunning packaging designed by London-based SA designer Aubrey Kurlansky.

From the initial recordings which took place in the UK in  2004, until the final couple of numbers recorded in Johannesburg in 2008, a  period of four years elapsed, during which there were inevitably a number of changes  to the membership of the Ensemble. Crazy is therefore not only a  vibrant collection of classic pops played by a group of talented young township  musicians, but also a unique musical document which reflects the shifts and changes  which are an inevitable feature of a project such as Buskaid.

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