SPONSORS. Buskaid's successful development has been made possible through the generosity of a number of South African and international sponsors over the last nine years. We are indebted to all of them.

















Principal Sponsors 2017



General funding

Redefine Properties (Pty) Limited

TOTAL South Africa

Genesis Steel

Barclays Africa Group Limited/ABSA

Buskaid UK

Solon Foundation (violin repair workshop in Soweto)


Wings of Support

The Matasis Foundation

SAMRO Foundation

David and Lil Munro

Doshi Property and Finance Pty Ltd


Sponsorship in kind

Dominic Ntsele & Classic FM

Graham De Lacy

Centre for Sports Medicine

Dr Mark Jackson

Marion Hassall & Michelle Smith

Jill Richards-du Toit

Yvette Esprey

Dr Duncan Rodseth


Monthly Donors

George Bajan

Dr Alapan Arnab




Donations above £400 for Music School Extension, Kwela Album & General Funding 2016/2017


The Estate of the Late Michael Alfred Kelynack Cocks

The Hollick Family Charitable Trust

The Stephen Clark Charitable Trust

Diana Ambache

Tristan Jakob-Hoff & Amy Walker

Roger and Rosemary Chadder

Glyn Harper Trust

Richard Williams


Sponsorship in kind

Grahams Hi-Fi

JP Guivier & Co Ltd


Monthly Donors

Mr Tristan Jakob-Hoff and Ms Amy Walker

R.E. Ryan and S.F. Bateman

Mr and Mrs Buckland

Mr John Shepley

Mr Paul Boucher

Mr George and Mrs Jenny Hill

Mr Richard Hickman

Mrs Karen Fill

Ms Elizabeth Hews

Mrs Susan Sheppard

Miss Helen Wood

Ms Deborah Ball

Ms Jane Barker

Mr Michael Casey

Mrs Caroline Dowson

Mrs Kathleen Granger

Mr Chris Monks

Mr and Mrs Mortimer

Mr Peter Salem and Sarah Bealby-Wright

Ms Penelope Richards

Ms Jane Gillie

Mr Steven Isserlis

Mrs Susan Rainbird

Ms Susan Gales


The Buskaid Academy of String Teaching and Perfomance is funded by

The Buskaid Trust in South Africa (IT4749/99)
The Registered Charity Buskaid in the UK (1015089)
Buskaid USA Inc - registered as a tax exempt organisation
under Section 501(c).